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The impact of Covid-19 global pandemic has brought about a lot of unprecedented circumstances, uncertainties and restricted progress which requires schools & teachers to change the norm and adopt new learning methods to ensure that continuous learning and development take place.

The requirement for social distancing means that distance learning and virtual classrooms need to be implemented in order to continue with learning activities.

GPE is an online school that works with global e-Learning software giants.

Digital Skills Solution

We know that most teachers require further training in ICT. GPE provides teachers and tutors the skills needed for effective use e-Learning technology. Our Digital Skills Solution includes courses in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Google and selected e-Learning Management Systems. Schools that foster a learning culture for their teachers perform better, reaping the rewards of greater employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, increased efficiency, and better customer service. We can transform a school to become more innovative and adaptable.

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“What really inspired me is the GPE virtual classroom that makes it possible to share learning material with students 24/7 without them having to physically attend a classroom. What a blessing to still be able to deliver my promise during the Covid 19 lockdown season. Thanks to GPE.”


ECD Teacher

“Using GPE e-learning platform, gave me the freedom to learn at my own convenience, and at a pace that is right for me. The 1:1 session makes the learning customized specifically for me and I am grateful.”



“Thank you, Global Point Education. I can follow through all my children’s performance, the teacher student video interaction and whiteboard are superb.”

Mrs Kugona


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